Innovative Events

Here's a few examples of how we do things differently

Gallus Events will take a very proactive approach to help clients construct their events. If the event is a paid for conference programme which needs dynamic, innovative and engaging content, we will work with you to ensure the success of your event. Or maybe it’s a staff training away day that needs to really deliver results. We can transform those events by focusing on the event objectives and delivering them in an innovate and engaging way.

Event Consultants - leading not following

We are unlikely to support events that do not deliver any real and measurable value for clients. We look to support great experiences for everyone involved in our clients’ events and we look to achieve a tremendous return on our clients’ investment.

We are thought leaders in the world of events. We create best practice. Our event consultants walk the walk as well as talk the talk. We design and we innovate. Our support is built up of over thirty years experience shared in our small team.

We offer all our potential clients an hour long free consultancy. Once you have seen what we can do for you and how much value your event can deliver with the involvement of the event consultants at Gallus Events. We are confident you will hire us. We are different and after engaging our event consultants your events will be very different too!

Free one hour consultancy

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