The Assist Conference

Gallus Events supported the first event run by the UK’s largest independent blog for Personal Assistants “Practically Perfect PA”. As an innovative, web based client they were seeking an event company who would take an innovative approach to developing their event. We had to create an event that matched their brief. We helped them:

– create and establish a Practically Perfect PA brand “The Assist Conference” within the world of live communications

– create a theme for the event and carry that through the whole event

– create the right environment and atmosphere for the event

– set more dynamic objectives to allow the event to achieve more

– create memorable sessions and a truly memorable conference

– add very creative and memorable elements like the badges, creative spaces and mugs

The Assist Conference

The event was held in a unique London venue to ensure we had the right environment for over 70 career minded and career driven Personal Assistants. As this was a brand new event for a blog which excelled in publishing the right content we had to spend a lot of time designing the conference content and securing the right speakers. As the PPPA blog had a very small team we had to make sure that we used event technology to support the event. We had to be very smart with the processes and procedure we recommended to ensure they had time to stay on top of the day job: running a successful blog.

Assist Conference 2015-2

Nicky Christmas, Founder and Editor of Practically Perfect PA said: “We wanted to create a dynamic, creative and innovative event that delivered top quality content. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver this type of event without the support and direction from Gallus Events. I must say that working alongside their team I learned a tremendous amount”