Royal Aeronautical Society - Restructuring a department

Structural reviews

Over a five day period our consultant worked closely with the Conference and Events Manager to help reassess the current Royal Aeronautical Society events and to look ahead to 2017 and beyond. Our main brief was to restructure an event department.

As with any week long consultancy, we start with a detailed review of the event department and their events. We analysed the ReAS Events Department’s systems, structures, staff skills, supervisory support, style and services. This provided an immediate an exceptionally useful best practice review.

Following our initial review, we concentrated on a processes and procedures review. Gallus Events had spotted several areas for immediate improvement. The focus for Gallus Events is always to try to create time for the team to add more value to their organisation and their attendees. With a supportive and reactive Conference and Events Manager the team is set to be more dynamic and responsive to their members demands and their changing demographic.

Our next main target was to detail how the RAeS could future proof their events. The organisation had already reacted quickly to the need to improve the content delivered at their events, and Gallus Events continued this trend by recommending ways to stay at the cutting edge of events.

We also supplied our event templates to help cement the changes Gallus Events had suggested. These included our event planning documents and our budget.

The final main area Gallus Events covered during our five day consultancy was to build upon the initial work already underway, to slowly but steadily improve the organisation’s event marketing.

The team have already started to introduce many of the recommendations and Gallus Events look forward to working again with the events team at the ReAS.