Reed Travel Exhibitions Ltd

Reed Travel Exhibitions is the world’s leading travel and tourism events organiser with a growing portfolio of more than 20 international travel and tourism trade events in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Gallus Events helps them create cutting edge content for the events industry.

Sallie Coventry, Portfolio Director, IBTM events at Reed Travel Exhibitions has the desire to maximise the value from the knowledge programme which sits across the seven IBTM events. Gallus Events were tasked with outlining a vision for the educational programme to fully support speakers and participants. Gallus Events aim was to make the most of the time that speakers and participants engaged with the improved content at the IBTM events.

In eight challenging days Gallus Events delivered a two year plan which will significantly improve the targeting of the programme to deliver the right visitors and the right hosted buyers. Our work will also see a marked amelioration in both the content and its delivery.

As well as the educational aspects of the report Gallus Events also detailed the changes in internal support, resources, processes and procedures that would be necessary to sit alongside a refocusing of the education delivered at the seven international shows within the IBTM portfolio.

“Gallus Events detailed consultancy hit the nail on the head. By adopting their planned and strategic approach to the content, for all of our seven shows, the educational programme will play an important role in increasing the number of visitors and hosted buyers to our shows. It will also play a role in recruiting, recapturing and retaining exhibitors.” Sallie Coventry, Reed Exhibition

The vision for our consultancy is that the Reed Travel Exhibitions 2015’s IBTM knowledge programme becomes a part of the arsenal that every part of their business can use to increase the impact and the value of the show.

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