Tech Fest

Tech Fest is Gallus Events annual #eventtech and #eventprofs get together in London

We’ve been passionate about event technology ever since we started doing event consultancy. Tech Fest was born in 2011 after William realised that his opening conversation – during almost every piece of event consultancy – was around the technology which was being used by the organisation.

Many associations and other event organisations have so much frustration around the event technology they are using. William found that he was able to suggest very simple and easy fixes to elevate many of the pains that his clients had with technology. He found that he was able to support event planners and event departments very quickly by opening up the idea of more engagement with event technology. So if it was good for his clients it would be good for the wider event planner world. Planners had many questions and Tech Fest was a great way to give them the answers.


Tech Fest takes place every year and 2016 which takes place on the 19th May will be Tech Fest No. 5. We’ve seen the event grow to a 200+ attendee event with over 20 speakers and 20 technology companies taking part. We know that running Tech Fest helps scores of more organisers that we can get to on a 1.2.1 consultancy basis every year. Spreading the benefits of event technology was always the main driver behind the event.

Gallus Events also use the event to try out various innovative techniques. We create an environment where we can try a few new things. We allow ourselves to take the stress and strain at our event so that – when we help and advise you – you don’t need to.

So for example how do you fancy doing something quite different with your badges? These went down a storm with many of our attendees taking pictures of them and sharing them on social media.

However the main reason we run Tech Fest is that we are, have always been and will always be passionate about events. Tech Fest allows us to show our past, current and future clients our passion for creating dynamic and innovative event environments.

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