Design Business Association

Adding event creativity to an association for event creatives. Over a week long event consultancy project Gallus Events worked extremely closely with the DBA events team to bolt on some structure to support the creative event planning process. 

The Design Business Association is a compact and extremely efficient trade association. Their event team of two staff tackle a series of different and challenging events. Operating in the creative sector means that their events have to be very creative to reflect their member base.

With all this creativity in the air it is even more important to secure the events with solid processes and procedures. This is much less fun than creating new creative events but it is equally important.

Using budgets, risk analysis and planning and targeting events Gallus Events created an events calendar which served every part of the diverse DBA membership. The new events calendar also included events targeted at non members.

Gallus Events concentrated on the value that members were receiving from the DBA events. We looked at how to maximise the venue from and for every stakeholder.

The DBA provided us with our best testimonial to date: Want to know the secret? Hire William. We recouped our investment on one event alone.”

This was a perfect environment for Gallus Events to work. A strategic and focussed association who knew where their strengths lay and crucially knew where they needed support. We simply filled in the gaps. We added strategic guidance and some benchmarking and a newly re-structured and re-focussed events department was born. It’s nice working with creatives.

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