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Medical Event Consultancy

AO Trauma

As one of the major clinical divisions of the AO Foundation, AO Trauma leads the profession in education and training. Gallus Events carried our medical event consultancy for AO Trauma in December 2016.

Gallus Events worked closely with their board to scope an events programme for their European based members.

Scope of consultancy

We firstly designed a workshop which would allow our event consultant to facilitate discussions between senior board members. The workshop was designed to create three possible options for a Pan European Event.

Following the workshop we presented a report which detailed the three event options in full. Our initial report:

  • Detailed the objectives which could be set / achieved by each of the suggested formats
  • Listed the events in order of which were likely to achieve the most important objectives
  • Evaluated the three suggested formats to cover 1. The timeline for development, 2. The resources needed, 3. A draft budget listing income, expenditure and profit, 4. The risk profile, and 5. The ease of development

Following the above evaluation we included a recommendation.

This was medical event consultancy, at the most senior level within an organisation. Our medical event consultancy was both practical and strategic, and will allow AO Trauma to make an evidence based recommendation to their board on which events to support.

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