There are no reasons why your online events business can’t generate the same profit as your physical events.

We will show you how.

We have designed this course to ensure that you focus on how to generate revenue by creating high-value content, connections and coverage.


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People keep on telling you, this current rush to digital events, “is a new world for everyone!” We are all in the same boat. No one knows what is going on.

And anyway this is all a FAD. Give it a few months, a year tops. But that’s not true. Thousand’s of event businesses need event planners with the skills and the understanding to run successful digital events.



I ran my first online event in 2007: bucking the trend of giving away digital content for free. Why would I undercut the revenue from all my physical events I thought?

I live-streamed and charged the same price for the digital product as for the physical product. A five-figure profit flowed from our digital delivery. I have led since then.



I have managed more than a dozen digital events for several different organisations and currently have international clients running events from Canada, Iceland, Spain and the USA.

I have also built Europe’s most significant independent online events & training business for Personal Assistants, generating a six-figure profit from virtual events.



I believed in the power of online events when few others did.

I travelled to event conferences and exhibitions all over the globe, telling event companies about the five compelling reasons to include digital events in their portfolio.



I continue to believe in the power of online events as a compelling alternative to physical events, not just in the time of a crisis, but all year round.

It seems that you believe in the power of online events too.


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Pivot your Events to Digital is made up of 12 detailed training modules. All course modules include videos, transcripts, articles, templates and more.

All within our dedicated online student portal.


Pivoting Your Events to Digital

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