Meeting Design Experts

Say goodbye to boring meetings

The role of meeting design experts? To structure conferences to ensure that your attendees learn; this is as crucial as it is difficult. Too many of our conferences fall short in helping attendees engage and interact with the content. And this means that attendees never learn as much as they should.

The main reason our conference programmes fall short is that the structure of the content is too traditional; focusing on who delivers, rather than what and how it is delivered.

There is skill in structuring learning. Anyone can suggest a handful of speakers, give them each 30 mins and hey, there you go, a “Conference Programme” But to design a conference programme, rather than to “produce” one, you need to understand how people learn.

From this realisation in the world of conferences “meeting design” and “conference architecture” was born. At the heart of meeting design and conference architecture is audience engagement. Our Meeting Design experts will help you deliver more creative and more engaging content.

Meeting Design Experts

Just an email or call away

On Call Meeting Design Expert
£75per hour
  • Full support to cover any meeting design issue
  • Practical support and guidance
  • Strategic support and direction
  • Able to action as well as recommend actions
Programme Development Support
£250per day
  • Provide a detailed "health check"
  • Review current content & structure
  • Suggest meeting design based amendments
  • Support engagement
  • Suggest technological support
  • Suggest logistical support
A less boring conference
£500per day
  • Work with your in-house programme developer
  • Provide benchmarking and best practice
  • Write sessions briefs for speakers, facilitators etc
  • Write session outline for programme
  • Provide a strong narrative
  • Help define and outline key points

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