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online event for online events

Gallus Events Does HOPIN the online events platform

  Hopin the online events platform is fast becoming a very popular choice for small to medium sized online events. […]

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Design your event for digital

  The best place to start when considering taking an event online is to look at your current physical events. […]

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10 events that have pivoted to virtual

Ten events that have pivoted to digital! With so much going on at such an unbelievably quick pace in the […]

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Pivot to virtual, cancel or postpone the event?

  Many event organisers from every type of event business face the same choice with their next event: pivot to […]

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taking your first event online

Taking your first event online - what you need to consider

Many organisations are scrambling to get their next event online. For some their ‘next’ event will also be there first […]

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need to run an online event now

Need to take your event online NOW?

We know that there has been a trend for event organisers to take their events online. At Gallus Events, we […]

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speaker taking a selfie

The need for a strategic approach to online events

The need for a strategic approach to online events should underpin your decisions, even if you are rushing to get […]

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The ultimate virtual event speaker brief

One area we know loads of event professionals are struggling with is getting good digital content for their online events. […]

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Where to start with online events

There is no getting away from it. If you have an events business you simply must start looking at online […]

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