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Homeless Hackathon

In the spring of 2018 Gallus Events organised the first dedicated homeless hackathon in support of homeless organisations in Scotland. We felt we had to do something to support a city (like most large cities) struggling to support a desperate situation and a growing homeless community.

William flipped the classic design of a hackathon and included pitches from homelessness organisations. Fifty attendees came up with their own solutions and provided support to several Glasgow based homelessness organisations. Those solutions would help them better support the homeless community in Glasgow.

Following this successful event Gallus Events will run a series of Homeless Hackathons in 2020.

We return to Scotland with a homeless hackathon in Edinburgh and a homeless hackathon in Dundee.

We will also run a homeless hackathon in Barcelona and a homeless hackathon in London.


Homeless Hackathon Objectives

Helping To End Homelessness

Support organisations who help those experiencing homelessness

Support organisations who help those experiencing homelessness

Create two new jobs as a route out of homelessness

Create two new jobs as a route out of homelessness

Raise the profile of homelessness

Raise the profile of homelessness

Build a community

Build a community

Create an environment for new ideas and approaches

Create an environment for new ideas and approaches

Breakdown barriers

Breakdown barriers

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What is a Hackathon?

And how will our homeless hackathons help homeless communities

A hackathon is a format for an event which looks for practical solutions to problems.

It is more of a “doing things” type event, rather than a “talking about things” event.

A hackathon seeks to come up with immediate solutions to problems facing a particular group/organisation/community.

Traditionally, hackathons are specifically designed to attract programmers and coders to look at software based solutions.

Our homeless hackathons are slightly less traditional in that we are looking for all manner of solutions, not just software related.

If you are the type of person who likes to get stuck into a challenge and makes things happen then taking part in a hackathon will be an experience you will never forget.

We are looking to attract anyone with the ideas, time, skills and resources to dedicate to supporting organisations or to come together to work on their own solutions.

In particular we hope to attract:

Tech & start up community Charities & other organisations dedicated to ending homelessness Policy makers
Journalists, press and PR Past & present homeless community Digital marketeers
Political & community activists Programmers & coders Event organisers
Social workers Graphic designers Anyone with ideas

Run Your Own Homeless Hackathon

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Gallus Events Will Run SEVERAL Homeless Hackathons in 2020

Get in touch to attend or support

Homeless Hackathon, Edinburgh

17/18/19 April 2020

Find out more about our Hackathon in Edinburgh 

Homeless Hackathon, Barcelona

10/11/12 July 2020

Find out more about our Homeless Hackathon in Barcelona.

Homeless Hackathon, Chicago

18/19/20 September 2020

Homeless Hackathon, Dundee

9/10/11 October, 2020

Find out more about our Homeless Hackathon in Dundee.

Homeless Hackathon, London

6/7/8 November, 2020

Why I am organising homeless hackathons

Any why I need you to join me


“I work from home” How often have I said this since I moved to Barcelona.

Our small events company does its thing (mainly consultancy) from my home / office. Like many people who work from home I never quite realise how lucky I am. It’s the shortest commute known to man. I can juggle numerous household tasks while I download a big file or wait for my computer to restart.  If I forget to take something to work, within five seconds we are reunited.

My home is where my heart is and also where my passion lives. Isn’t having a home / office a wonderful thing? I couldn’t imagine not working from home.

But just imagine for one moment that you lost not only your office, but your home.
Homelessness is something that can happen to almost anyone. It can and has happened to those you would least expect. From pop stars and movie stars to those who served in our armed services, homelessness is one of the few doors that is open to all.

Over the last few months the homelessness and rough sleeping situation across the globe has increased in the public consciousness. In February 2019 a rough sleeper died at the gates of the Palace of Westminster in London; the fourth person to die on the streets of London in the first six weeks of that year. Something has to change.
In my home city of Glasgow in Scotland a homeless person loses their life, on average (what a terrible term to use) once a week.

Something has to change.

But what can an event organiser based in his home office do about the homeless situation in our towns and cities across the globe? Not much.

What can anyone really do? It’s probably something you are asking yourself now. I’d like to help, but what can I do?
Well, a hackathon turns that “not much” into a huge amount.

We just need a hundred people or so to donate their “not much”, in the form of their time and their particular skills, to make a real difference at any of our homeless hackathons in Barcelona, Dundee, Edinburgh and London.


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