3 ways to personalize your event reminders

3 Great Ways To Personalize Your Event Reminders

Every event planner or organizer knows that event reminders can cut down on no-shows and increase attendance. Whether the event requires an RSVP or not, event reminders can be a great way to keep attendees engaged and informed beforehand. Event reminders work: however, not all event reminders are effective. One way to increase the usefulness […]

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catchy event copy

Write Catchy Event Copy

In a world of keyword searches and sponsored content, William asks, have we lost the ability to write catchy event copy? There will always be a place for well written copy. The text you write has to jump from the page. It has to excite and engage. And it has to know its purpose: to […]

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How The Weather Can Ruin Your Event

While it can obviously be difficult to predict the weather months in advance, there are several steps you can take to avoid it being as big a problem. How the weather can ruin your event………. Let’s set the scene. You’ve spent months on end planning for your event. You’ve got your marketing strategy down to […]

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Where to start with online events

There is no getting away from it. If you have an events business you simply must start looking at online / digital elements of your event. But where to start with online events? One of the busiest areas for our consultancy this year has been around online events. It’s also been a topic that I’ve […]

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Event Canvas Interview

Episode Three of the Re:Event Podcast

I had a brilliant chat with Ruud Janssen about designing meetings as part of the Re:Event Podcast. We looked at the Event Canvas, a design tool, that he co-created a few years ago. It is amazing to see how quickly it was adopted and how significant a role it can play when an organisation looks […]

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