Five Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Annual Conference

In February Gallus Events organised the fourth annual conference for Europe’s largest blog for Personal Assistants “Practically Perfect PA”. Attracting over 150 attendees to the physical event in London and over 100 watching online, we created an event that was very different from any other conference for Assistants. In this post I’d like to demonstrate […]

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Meeting Room WIN!

A few months ago I posted a view from a hotel bedroom and compared it to the view from a main meeting room in the same hotel. The bedroom view was brilliant, the meeting room view was terrible. Not uncommon is it? So when I had the chance to visit a few hotels in Germany […]

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Finding a creative venue and what to look for

Clients often ask me, what should they look for in a venue that will support a creative conference? Where possible I do my best to recommend a venue, and explain why I like it, but unfortunately even in our busy cities the number of ‘understanding’ venues are too few. Too many venues, especially hotels, are […]

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