celebrating an event

Celebrate your next event

The need to celebrate your next event is something that goes way beyond the opportunity to show the world how good you are. I remember asking the Chairman not to say thanks to me or my team for organising the event. It was then the largest event I had organised but I felt a bit […]

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Five Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Annual Conference

In February Gallus Events organised the fourth annual conference for Europe’s largest blog for Personal Assistants “Practically Perfect PA”. Attracting over 150 attendees to the physical event in London and over 100 watching online, we created an event that was very different from any other conference for Assistants. In this post I’d like to demonstrate […]

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Event Tech of the Week – e-180

What is e-180? E-180, Inc. is a clever way of connecting attendees through ‘Brain Dates’- a much more personalised take on 1.2.1 meetings. It develops matchmaking web and mobile tools and experiences connecting like-minded people interested in sharing knowledge, one-on-one, in person. It’s open for free to communities around the world, but E-180 | Labs specialises […]

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event tech of the week - lineapp

Event tech of the Week – Lineapp

What is Lineapp? It’s an intercom software designed to improve your team communication by talking to your team members as you would with a walkie-talkie. But much easier, lighter, lower-cost and without internet. What does it do? LINEAPP ‘creates a gateway to connect radio technology with the communications of the 21st century’. Basically it’s a smart […]

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Event tech of the Week – Eventopedia

What is Eventopedia? Eventopedia is a digital marketing agency for the event industry that helps event planners find the right venues & suppliers for their events, using a range of digital tools, from a community based review site. Rather than just reading about the venue or supplier you’re interested in, you can watch interactive videos which are tailored to […]

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