need to run an online event now

Need to take your event online NOW?

We know that there has been a trend for event organisers to take their events online. At Gallus Events, we have been “gently encouraging” other organisers to take their events online for a while, mainly for sustainability reasons, but something has changed: they need to take their event online NOW!   How to start what […]

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speaker taking a selfie

The need for a strategic approach to online events

The need for a strategic approach to online events should underpin your decisions, even if you are rushing to get online.   Canceled physical events have always been with us, but at the moment, this rare occurrence, seems ever more likely. Concerns around gathering big groups of people together have led many organisations to look […]

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The ultimate virtual event speaker brief

One area we know loads of event professionals are struggling with is getting good digital content for their online events. So we have created the ultimate virtual event speaker brief. If you are an organiser who has never organised an online event before and you are worried about briefing your speakers then this article is […]

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Where to start with online events

There is no getting away from it. If you have an events business you simply must start looking at online/digital elements of your event. But where to start with online events? One of the busiest areas for our consultancy this year has been around online events. It’s also been a topic that I’ve been speaking […]

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tips on organising an amazing event

How to run an amazing event an overview of what the best events do

I would like to think that anyone can learn how to run an amazing event. Even if you are running an annual general meeting, a staff away day, an exhibition, product launch or a conference I see no reason that it can’t be an amazing event. As an industry we have to move away from […]

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