catchy event copy

Write Catchy Event Copy

In a world of keyword searches and sponsored content, William asks, have we lost the ability to write catchy event copy? There will always be a place for well written copy. The text you write has to jump from the page. It has to excite and engage. And it has to know its purpose: to […]

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design sites for event professionals

3 brilliant design sites for events

An essential skill for an event manager is to have a keen eye for design. I’ve listed my favourite design sites for event managers. They are brilliant for creating flyers, posters, social media updates and even videos! And so much more. There’s no job quite like the job of an event manager. One moment you […]

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how to engage an online audience

How to use data to sell event tickets

Data is the hottest topic in events this year. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union changing the way we collect and use our data, event managers have to be data savvy like never before. So, in this post I thought I would focus on how to use data […]

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event organiser

The benefits of powerful event branding

So what have we learned from a decade or so creating events and supporting organisations who want to change their events? One thing we have seen is that events that have a powerful and distinctive personally via a distinctive brand consistently do well. The benefits of a powerful event brand are exceptionally high! So we […]

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Event sponsorship strategy

The environment in which we operate, when we sell the main elements of our events, is exceptionally dynamic, and our tried and tested processes and now being tested. And they are straining to cope. However, there is good news: the best events are GROWING their sponsorship and brands are spending MORE money sponsoring events. A […]

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