The Challenge

Taking a logistically complicated and highly successful physical event online without losing any of the important elements that made the physical event a must-attend event for the microfinance community.

“Thanks so much for your important help in walking us through how to run an online conference – as you remember we really didn’t know anything three months ago. The event ended up as an enormous success: with more attendees than in in-person conferences, and we got stellar feedback from attendees.”

Sam Mendelson

Financial Inclusion Specialist, European Microfinance Platform

The Process

The team at the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) took advantage of our PLUS10 Virtual Events Consultancy package.

Over a series of conference calls with the team, we helped e-MFP create an event that spread over three days.

Gallus Events operated as a sounding board on various elements of the event, advising on areas such as:

  • Duration of the event

  • Structuring the content

  • Use of moderators, host and MCs

  • How to increase connections between attendees

  • Tech stack – including stress testing shortlisted virtual event platforms

  • Overcoming issues around multi language channels

The team’s initial thoughts were to “go minimal and simple” but with the support of Gallus Events e-MPF created a multi stream, in depth, rich virtual event.

As ever, Gallus Events focus was on helping develop the knowledge in the team. e-MFP now understand what went well, what they might do differently next time, and most importantly – how to put on an event like this for their members.


Supporting a team focused on delivery, allowed Gallus Events to advise, steer and guide the team to ensure they ran a hugely successful event.

“The guidance and experience from Gallus Events really helped us get underway by asking the right questions, helping us avoid early mistakes and find the right track as we put together our conference”

Sam Mendelson

Financial Inclusion Specialist, European Microfinance Platform