The Challenge

The key challenges for CHARGE Energy Branding was to recreate the value, and also the values, of their thought leading physical event as a virtual experience.

When you are building a new house you need to have confidence in the foundations. Gallus Events took on a similar role for us as we built our first virtual event. Their support gave us so much more confidence in what we were doing. Gallus Events helped us a lot in choosing the correct platform and in making sure all of our sponsors migrated from the physical event to the virtual event

Íris Mjöll Gylfadóttir

General Manager, CHARGE

The Process

Gallus Events focussed on the core values of the physical event to create a conference which was designed to connect attendees and extend the sense of community across the energy sector into a virtual environment.

Across several months, Gallus Events supported the creation of an outstanding virtual event. Our advice included:

  • Advising on the pricing strategy for attendees, including setting tiering of tickets and access
  • Overseeing the design of the two-day, multi-stream conference agenda, focusing on extending choice and offering a variety of formats

  • Drafting the sponsorship proposals and agreements

  • Shortlisting destination platforms

  • Drafting event budget and overseeing allocation of resources


As Iris, the General Manager of CHARGE highlighted, they managed to outperform the expectations of all of the attendees and their commercial partners.

In 2021 CHARGE will run a brand new series of virtual events, as well as continuing to run their main flagship event as a virtual experience.