The Sustainable UK Events Industry 2050 – A reality or just a dream?

The global events industry was valued at USD 886.99 Billion in 2020, and the industry is expected to double in value by 2028 (Verified Market Research 2020).

The size of the industry ensures that the issue of sustainability is essential for the global economy, the members of society who support and attend events, and the companies, organisations, and individuals that organise events.

This growth has the potential to further impact the environment as a considerable amount of resources are used to create large events, so much so that there are claims that the industry is “wholly unsustainable” (Tinnish & Mangal 2012).

It is within this context that the Joint Meetings Industry Council in 2021 committed to a net-zero carbon emissions target for the global events industry of no later than 2050; this also included a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030 (Joint Meetings Industry Council 2021a).

So how do we get there? And what will happen if we simply take a business as usual approach?

Well, of course, no one REALLY knows, but that is where scenario planning comes in. You can download a copy of the report here:

In a detailed report, our lead consultant William Thomson looked at a BAU (business as usual) scenario and a SET (sustainable events transition) scenario to help event organisers think about the choices they have to make NOW to achieve a sustainable event industry.

The report uses the UK Business Events Industry as an example to start a conversation but everything in the report is applicable to conversations in any country with a well-developed business events industry.

Published On: April 8th, 2022 / Categories: Sustainable events /