Hopin the online events platform is fast becoming a very popular choice for small to medium sized online events. So we thought Gallus Events would have a look at Hopin. And you can too!


Get to know the platform

Hear from ACTUAL organisers as they discuss how the Hopin platform ACTUALLY works.

Ross Campbell, F.I.T Summit
Victor Cruz, VC Innovations
William Thomson, Gallus Events

We have set up the event to allow organisers to see the full functionality of the Hopin platform.

Here are TEN things you will be able to do as an attendee……

  1. Check out what the LIVE event registration page looks like (you are doing that now)
  2. Register and see how the process works from a delegate perspective
  3. Stage: See how you can present / host live from the stage, host live panels and play pre-recorded content using Ecamm LIVE / OBS or other broadcast software
  4. Sessions: You can see the difference between ‘open’ and ‘moderated’ sessions. And see how content is delivered in this environment
  5. Sessions: We will also open up the ‘create your own session’ so you can use this functionality too
  6. Networking: Engage in the unique networking function and exchange details to see if it works!
  7. Expo: Check out the Expo and see how different level of exhibitors and supporters get their coverage
  8. We will do a screen share as part of the content so everyone can see the live backend of the platform
  9. Receive a copy of the organiser post event report
  10. See screen videos of the post event back end

Making the most of the time on the platform

So as well as getting used to the platform you can have an hour and a bit brushing up on your knowledge of online events.

This is your opportunity to have a look round the Hopin platform !!!!!!! AT THE SAME TIME !!!!!!! as learn some tips, tricks, and techniques on how to run digital events.



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