Need to take your event online NOW?

We know that there has been a trend for event organisers to take their events online. At Gallus Events, we have been “gently encouraging” other organisers to take their events online for a while, mainly for sustainability reasons, but something has changed: they need to take their event online NOW!


How to start what can be a complicated process when taking your events online

We have highlighted the need to take a strategic approach to these decisions, and not to rush into going online, but we realise that when you need to take your event online NOW!!!!!! The strategic isn’t really the most important aspect.

We have one client who has an event in a few weeks, understandably for them, strategy comes later!

And we know that many organisers are in a similar situation.

So we decided to break down the options for someone who had to take their event online now. And here they are:

  1. Just point the camera!
  2. Your digital content plus some cool but still pretty basic features
  3. A dedicated platform for your digital content plus some great added features
  4. Platforms for multiple feeds, that opens up your event to more networking, places for sponsors, vendors, exhibitors and booths!
  5. And then finally, the all singing and all dancing virtual event space!

To help take people through this process, we quickly created a 9min video (below)

Now this may seem like a very basic approach to a very complicated situation, but we know it is going to help many organisers, in fact, we received this note about our video this morning:



So basic, they may be, but this option approach will help any organiser who is facing that crucial decision: how to get online now?

But what platforms?

I plan to do a longer post looking at more platforms, in more detail, but again, thinking exclusively about that organiser who needs to get online NOW! I included links to some great platforms (linking them to each option) in my video and have included them below in this post.

If you are in this position here are some platforms that can support you, NOW, so check them out!

Option one is Youtube LIVE and Facebook LIVE

Option two: Take a look at Glisser

Option three: Is CrowdCast our absolute GO-TO for simple stream online events 

Option four: Check out HeySummit and Hopin

Option five: Is Ivent (if you do visit them please make sure and mention that you found out about them via Gallus Events)

And two ****Bonus**** bits of software that will revolutionize your online/virtual / live-streamed events


Ecamm Live


If you do need some extra support get in touch. But in the meantime, we hope this helps!




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