Engaging attendees is a trick that the most successful events are able to pull off. Event technology plays a major part! And here is how……

One of my favourite phrases in the world of events was uttered to me by Jeff Hurt, a brilliant event professional based in Texas: he described his hot take on events: “Participants, formally known as the audience” he said to me.

Since that conversation, that’s how I approach my events. 

“Participants, formally known as the audience”

At the heart of that statement is the idea that attendees want to engage: they don’t attend, they participate.  

The desire for our audiences to become participants forms the backdrop of the fourth episode of the re:event podcast. 

How do we ensure that our audience is engaged enough to become real, contributing participants?

Event technology certainly plays a role, engaging attendees with engaging event technology helps turn those attendees into participants.

Re:Event Podcast No. Four

So to get the low down on engaging event technology I spoke to one of my favourite #eventprofs, Abi Cannons from Reed Exhibitions.

The interview was part of our Re:Event Podcast which you can listen to here. Or, you can watch the extended video below.

Click here to follow the link to the video on YouTube.

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