Where to start with online events

There is no getting away from it. If you have an events business you simply must start looking at online/digital elements of your event. But where to start with online events?

One of the busiest areas for our consultancy this year has been around online events. It’s also been a topic that I’ve been speaking about, all over the globe (Portugal, UK and the USA) for the last year or so.

Here are a link and extended blog post for the session I did in Los Angeles in June.

Online events is becoming a more popular topic, but it is still not on the horizon for many event businesses, and this is a crucial mistake.

What opportunities lie ahead for online events?

It is very well worth watching this (11 minute) video where I cover the main benefits of going online. I also cover how we helped Practically Perfect PA generate a six-figure profit from online events!

Yes, this really is possible for your events business.

Now I realise that not all event businesses would be able to generate this level of income or run this number of events, from a starting position. Half a dozen events and a six-figure profit, for many this might seem like a world away.

So what I want to do is to help the organisations who are at the very start of their online journey to get the ball rolling.

I’ve decided to do that by creating this short document “online events where to start” which you can download now:

(download here) Online events where to start!

The short document lists the questions, that I think are crucial for organisations to address when they think about the online events journey that lies ahead.

The questions are structured (loosely) to firstly look at the strategic aspect of going online, and then the practical aspect.

I really hope the document is useful for those who are thinking about going online with their events.

There are plenty more resources on our website and here’s a few more online events related blog posts below.

And of course, if you would like some additional support then please do get in touch. Remember we offer a FREE 30 mins video consultancy call.

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