To be recognised as true professionals #eventprofs have to adopt more tools: we have to act and be seen to be more professional. Looking at the Event Canvas is a great place to start. 

Many professions are defined by the tools they use. Just imagine if a car mechanic slipped under the hood of your car with a fork and a candle. You would be right out of there!

So imagine you are the head of an organisation and an event professional takes you through their event using a spreadsheet.

Do you think you would have confidence in that individual? Do you think that is the correct tool for an event professional to show their workings out? I doubt it.

This need for tools is one of the reasons I got in touch with Ruud Janssen.

I think the Event Canvas is a great way for any organisation to reimagine their event and I want more #eventprofs to hear about it.

Tools for event professionals

If an event manager arrived at the post event briefing with the Event Canvas, or used it at any point in the event design, their chances of making a good impression would be greatly increased. And the event would be greatly improved too.

In this short (90 second video) William Thomson and Ruud Janssen, co-creator of the Event Canvas, discuss the need for event professionals to use more tools. One such tool is the fantastic Event Canvas.

This is a small clip of the interview I did with Ruud Janssen as part of Episode Three of the Re:Event podcast. You hear the extended interview here by subscribing to the Re:Event Podcast.

Published On: July 12th, 2019 / Categories: Behavioural Change, Innovation /