The venue you use is likely to be one of, if not the biggest, expense on your event budget. So any tips to help you secure a better rate are going to useful. So what about 15 tips for negotiating with a venue? 

The venue is so important. I love creative spaces! But these tips are useful no matter the type of venue you are negotiating with.

The first venue I booked was a Stately Home in Angus in Scotland, over 25 years ago! Since then I’ve booked a whole host of venues across the globe.

The last venue I booked was a co-working  / event space in Barcelona. I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things when it comes to negotiating a great rate.

15 mins and 15 tips for negotiating with a venue

So I thought I’d do a video (approx 15 minutes) to cover all of those tips. I can *almost guarantee that when you watch this video it will save you money with the next venue you book.

I’ve covered the whole venue timeline from provisionally booking, weighing up day delegate rates, highlighting the softer items where the venue is likely to have more flexibility. And much more.

If anyone uses any of these tips I would love to hear back from you.

One key point I want to highlight is that the venue is SO IMPORTANT that you shouldn’t be trying to get the lowest possible price.

Rather you should be making sure you are getting as good a deal as possible, a deal that allows the venue to still make a margin.

This makes sure that they treat you the same as a higher paying customer.

I had one client who had a reputation for hammering clients on every single cost. Guess what happened?

The venue had to cut back on quality of food and staff just to try and make some kind of profit. In the end no one was happy, especially the guests!

So I don’t expect you to use all 15 tips with the same venue but do consider how you can maximise your event budget using these 15 tips. Good luck!

If you need some help making sure your event comes in on budget then get in touch with Gallus Events.

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