The events industry is built around feeding and housing people. We always make sure their bellies are full and when we host our events we have bedrooms and all manor of accommodation sorted for our attendees. So is there a more apt campaign for the events industry to adopt than to end global homelessness?

Up until recently I would have never even DARED to ask the question above, but now as we head through 2019 I can but dream.

Therefore, for the Re:Event Podcast I spoke to Josh Litteljohn from Social Bite about his hopes of raising $50 million this year with a series of “Sleep Outs” across the globe.

Josh has an inspiring story about how, as a one time event organiser, he rediscovered the belief in the power of live events to champion social causes AND to raise money to start a kickback against homelessness.

In this interview I also covered our Homeless Hackathon and PCMA’s Homeless Hackathon which will take place as part of the EduCon in Los Angeles.

I know we are not alone

I’ve listed above three organisations running events that will make a difference and I am sure there are other event organisers doing things to aid the dire homelessness situation that blights our modern societies and I would love to hear from them. Please do get in touch!

If you are interested in running a Hackathon you can download the Gallus Events HackPack and if you are an organiser based in the UK you can apply for our £500 starter grant.

If you love the interview you can find out much more detail on the Re:Event Podcast. A new podcast is uploaded every two weeks.

And if you are interested in attending or even running a “sleep out” event then check out the amazing SocialBite events!

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