I’d heard a lot about PCMA Convening Leaders. It is widely regarded as the best event in the event industry. It’s certainly the biggest, with almost 5000 event planners attending this years event in Pittsburgh. Now, that’s MASSIVE! And after attending I have to agree, it’s certainly the best event for event planners that I have ever attended. Here’s my review of PCMA Convening Leaders 2019.

If you check out my other reviews of event industry events, you will see that I can be quite a harsh critic (like most event planners) of those events. However, I stand by my main point: that our events, the ones FOR #eventprofs BY #eventprofs should be the absolute best in terms of delivery but also in innovation.

Until I attended PCMA I had never seen an events association step up to the plate. PCMA did that and they smashed it!

Here’s a great review of the session by the PCMA magazine staff.

Published On: January 21st, 2019 / Categories: homeless events, Visits /