I would like to think that anyone can learn how to run an amazing event.

Even if you are running an annual general meeting, a staff away day, an exhibition, product launch or a conference I see no reason that it can’t be an amazing event.

As an industry we have to move away from the concentrating solely on the logistical aspects that sits behind events, to the environmental factors that underpin experiences.

I believe that anyone can run an amazing event.

When I talk about amazing events I am thinking about ones that excite and entertain; innovate and inform.

I have come to this conclusion after analysing many of the best events in the world.

I’ve looked at the mega conferences, the best festivals and the weird and the wacky one off events.

In total I’ve looked at scores of events across the globe and I’ve created a list of ten things that lie at the heart of those amazing events.

And I’d like to share that initial research with you.

how to run amazing events

What Great Events Do To Become Amazing Events

How to run an amazing event

Set your heart on answering yes to three or four of these questions. If you do you will be on the way to learning from some of the best events in the world and organising a truly amazing event.

I hope this post helps you envisage an amazing event.

Perhaps your current event is a getting a bit stale and is in need of any injection of something new. Maybe delegate numbers are falling and exhibitors and sponsors are staying away.

Perhaps you want to launch a new event that targets millennials. If you do you have to start to thing about running an amazing event.

For whatever reason you want to run an amazing event, this list above will help you.

If you would like some support and further details of how the best events become amazing events then do join the Gallus Events “Creating Amazing Events” online course which takes place on either Friday 5th October or Thursday 1st November 2018 from 1230 GMT to 1600 GMT and costs only £50.