Probably every event manager has been asked to run an event with much less lead in time than they would ideally like. Running a short notice event is just one of the many scenarios we event professionals have to cope with.

I remember being asked to run a series of regional roadshow events in response to a Government Green Paper. I had six weeks to organise twelve events!

What I learned from the experience (whisper it, it was 18 years ago!) was to treat the short notice event like any other event. Just because you don’t have as much time as you would like, you still have to manage it like you have all the time in the world.

The key to making sure any event (including a short notice one) is a success is to use a tried and tested event management process. I use my “nine steps” approach to organise every event.

event management process

Use this to manage every event, even a short notice one.

How To Run A Short Notice Event

In order to demonstrate exactly how you should use an event management process like this I’ve recorded a 10min(ish) video.

The video takes you through the nine steps but also covers the following key points that should underpin your event management process:

  1. No matter the event you must follow a tried and tested event management process (see above)
  2. Even with such short notice, you the event manager, must still lead and drive the project
  3. Despite the time constraints you must do all you can to ensure the event is still a REAL success
  4. Even with such short notice you have to try to create an experience as much as an event

I hope you find the video useful. I expand on the nine steps as part of our Introduction to Event Management Online Training Course. Places available.

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