It can become easy to be detached from the good in life. When you are tirelessly working away, without getting much credit, perhaps running another boring conference or an exhibition where no one seems happy to be there, it is easy to forget the amazing power of getting people together to share an experience.

So it’s great to be reminded what potential and power we event organisers have. Money raised from a massive fundraising event in Scotland will build 600 homes for rough sleepers. That’s right, event organisers (from the amazing Social Bite in Edinburgh) were so good at their job that they managed to persuade 8000 people to sleep rough one freezing cold night in December. With the proceeds from the event they will directly contribute to the betterment of hundreds of peoples lives.

Thousands slept out in Edinburgh last December.

Event Organisers have skills and experience that can make a huge impact in their local community or in the region or country they live. We can and we do add a lot of value to our organisations but we can do so much more. We are able to create experiences that bring revenue or coverage to good causes just as a matter of fact: it’s what we do.

I am hugely inspired by the Social Bite events team and I hope you are too.

Published On: February 21st, 2018 / Categories: homeless events, Innovation /