So what have we learned from a decade or so creating events and supporting organisations who want to change their events?

One thing we have seen is that events that have a powerful and distinctive personally via a distinctive brand consistently do well. The benefits of a powerful event brand are exceptionally high!

So we thought we’d quickly outline our thoughts on event branding. You can see much more detailed Event Branding posts here and here.

1. The logo and the name is only part of the branding process – so much more needs to be done.

2. An event which doesn’t have a separate brand will be unable to really unleash its’ creative potential and may never reach its’ market value

3. A brand allows you to build on your success year on year separate from your organisation or your other products

4. A successfully positioned brand can create a very valuable and easily sellable product

5. A brand allows you to detail your theme, ideas or vision in a very easy to digest format

6. Powerful event branding helps attendees cut through a forest of other competitor events

In summary I believe that every event manager should look at their events as potential brands. Treat them as a brand and your attendees will do the same. They will be loyal and more likely to pay a premium for your event. And that is a powerful, envious position for your events.

Published On: September 21st, 2017 / Categories: Events Marketing /