A few months ago I posted a view from a hotel bedroom and compared it to the view from a main meeting room in the same hotel. The bedroom view was brilliant, the meeting room view was terrible. Not uncommon is it?

So when I had the chance to visit a few hotels in Germany I had that post in the back of my mind. Thankfully I managed to find a hotel in Dresden and one in Leipzig that got it right! The view from the two meeting rooms were just as good as the views from the bedrooms. Check them out!

Comparing the views from the bedroom and the meeting spaces can tell you a lot about the hotels “view” of meetings

Stunning views from both meeting room and bedroom are what you are after!

Of course the photos don’t do the views justice, but you can see that both have a view of the city and much needed natural light.

What’s so important about a view from a meeting room?

So why is this so important? Well, I think when you have a good view from a meeting room it says two things about a hotel. Firstly, it hints that the meeting space was not an afterthought. All too often our event spaces are in the basement and given, literally, the lowest priority.

I remember during the show-round at one hotel, the event manager was proud to tell me that they “had managed to turn a horrible, dark underground car park into a meeting space” But guess what, they now had a “horrible, dark underground” meeting space instead. If the meeting space has been an afterthought, or an obvious low priority it is likely that you would receive the same treatment as an event organiser.

The second important thing about a view is the actual positive impact that it will have on your meeting. If you meet in a converted basement car park, you will probably spend the day feeling like a flat tire, on a car running low on petrol! Spend the day in a meeting room like the ones in Dresden or Leipzig and you should feel like brand new car, just off the production line.

We want people to engage with the content and remember it. Having a light, bright and interesting space aids those two processes. Our meetings are better when venues treat our meetings as a priority.

If you have any great examples of stunning views from meeting spaces we’d love to see them!

Published On: August 1st, 2017 / Categories: Venues, Visits /