Political rallies in the 2017 General Election have brought the campaign to life. One of the two UK main parties, Labour, have been arranging rallies across the country. They are showing the power of live engagement.

As many of you will know, but some may not, we are having a General Election in the UK. Opinion Polls over the weekend show the Conservative lead over Labour has halved since the announcement of the snap general election. It’s impossible (at this stage) to pin that narrowing gap on any one particular policy, campaign message, advert, interview or event.

However, what is clear is the stark difference in the live engagement strategy of the Conservatives and Labour: put simple Labour actually have a live engagement strategy!

Political rallies 2017 General Election and other less inspiring political events!

Here’s two images that I think sum up the differences we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks:

Political Rallies 2017 General Election

“Invitation only” events are at the heart of one live engagement strategy

#GE17 Rallies

Jeremy Corbyn takes the stage in front of 15,000 gig goers.

This is a still from a short video doing the rounds (currently hosted on NME of all places). The video is fascinating for an event organiser to watch. See what an impact our industry can have!

The Conservatives live engagement strategy has been, how can I put it? To not have one. Whoever is in charge of these “events” is doing the most awful job, assuming their objective is anything more than: we need to do some events so just keep them as simple and “boring” as possible.

One of the UK political parties are out there doing it! They are showing the power of live events in EVERY walk of live. Exactly what impact these events will have on the result, is of course still to be determined. However, what is clear is that an event organiser is somewhere in the back ground helping one party cut the lead of the other one. No matter your political leanings you should be proud that events can make a difference.

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