Why do so many hotels make the ultimate mistake?

You have a hotel with this view.

The offending Hotel is the Garden Inn Hotel in Davos.

The Hotel in question is the Garden Inn Hotel in Davos, Switzerland.

And you have meeting rooms with this view.

Really, what were you thinking? If event planners want meetings to deliver value to their attendees, they have to stop using meeting rooms like this. If venues really want to run great meetings they have to give more thought to the spaces they create. I mean, come on! Hilton Davos, your meeting rooms could have looked out onto the Swiss Alps!

Venue Fail

As any Conference Architect, Meeting Designer or experienced planner will tell you: put any meeting in a boring room and you will have a boring meeting. And as every attendees will tell you, boring is bad.

For an event planner “boring” means no one is really engaged. For the speaker boring is bad as no one will remember much of the content delivered or discussed. And heaven help if you want your attendees to be creative. And all of this was down to the venue.

The choice of meeting room is one of the most important decisions an event planner can make. 

I’d love to see other venue fails! What are the hotels with the best bedroom views AND the worse meeting rooms you’ve ever seen?

Published On: April 21st, 2017 / Categories: Behavioural Change, Conference Architect, Conferences & Congresses, Venues /