Below you will see the slideshare from my presentation at EVENTIT from earlier this month. You can also see my review of EVENTIT here.

How To Run Better Meetings

When I was approach to do a session I decided to do a version of the creative events session that I presented in Barcelona last year. With a few changes of course.

It is hard to argue that, if you remember and engage more with a meeting / event, it will be all the better for it. So, how to run better meetings? Be more creative!

The first half of the slideshow looks at the need to be innovative. You will see where more than 160 years of innovation in the world of exhibitions have left us (slide 2 and 3). You can see how little innovation there has been in the rest of the industry by trying to guess which decade each picture is from (4, 5 and 6)!

One of the main reasons we don’t see as much innovation and creativity in most events is down to the “production line” approach we are forced to take (slide 7) If only our managers and stakeholders were happy with us running better events rather than more events!

With forty minutes for the session I was able to concentrate a bit more on the seven things that creative events do (slide 9) and delve into the detail. You had to be there to get that detail I am afraid.

I hope you find the outline of the session useful. I think it summarises the challenges, and starts to hint at the solutions to help our events add more value to all those involved.

Published On: March 22nd, 2017 / Categories: Exhibitions, Innovation /