EVENTIT is part of an interesting and growing trend in the exhibition world in the UK. Event companies within smaller geographical areas are creating smaller versions of the larger London based trade shows.

Those larger event industry shows like IMEX and the Meetings Show are increasingly being seen as London and the South of England centric shows. This has provided a gap that some savvy organisers have cottoned on to. And with much success.

Scotland’s Event Show

In its second year EventIt, which will alternate between Glasgow and Edinburgh, has already carved out a profitable little niche. Scotland is certainly big enough, and different enough from the UK, to be serviced by its own show event industry show. And EventIt fills that gap, and fits the bill. And the main reason, is that shows of this size work.

With a small enough exhibition (60 odd stands) you can whizz round the entire show in a morning or an afternoon. Attending a few of the great educational sessions, and boom! A day out the office is very well spent. I would certainly recommend the show to any Scottish based organiser.

Now the format is established – let’s get creative

Shows of this size offer the opportunity to do things a little bit differently. In general, it is easier to be innovative and dynamic when you are more nimble. With EventIt now well established, I am encouraging the organisers, and the wider Scottish events industry, to support EventIt to be, how should I say it…… that little bit bolder.
When I consulted for Reed Exhibitions on their international meetings portfolio (which includes the massive IBTM show in Barcelona) it took a full three years for them to implement all of my ‘creative’ recommendations. A smaller show like EventIt could make a jump to a much more engaging and interactive event in a much shorter time.
Wouldn’t it be great to attend an exhibition for the events industry in Scotland that we could be truly proud of? An event that shows our industry – to both Scots and foreign visitors – as a truly dynamic and innovative sector?
With EventIt we can HaveIt if we all really WantIt.
Published On: March 13th, 2017 / Categories: Behavioural Change, Exhibitions, Gallus Events visits /