As an event organiser, it’s not every day that you receive an email talking about Artificial Intelligence. I am sure that this will change over the coming years, but for the moment, AI and events? Tell me more!

“Have you ever wished someone would just make your presentation for you? New Haiku Deck Zuru uses artificial intelligence to convert an outline, a Wikipedia topic, or even an existing presentation  into a beautiful presentation automatically.”

Wow! I thought, I have to look into this. I watched the video introduction to Zuru. Wow! I thought. And then I tried it.

Speakers need all the support they can get right?

So I tried it. I pasted some of my notes into a template and then uploaded the slides. Here’s the presentation (the before Zuru did its thing):

Clearly, it needs some help!

Clearly, it needs some help!

And here is the presentation AFTER Zuru worked on it:

Artificial Intelligence? Or no intelligence

Artificial Intelligence? Or no intelligence?

Perhaps I was expecting too much from AI, however, after reading the introduction email and watching the video I was certainly promised a lot more than this!

Now I am the first to thank companies involved in our space for being innovative, and I know this is only at the Beta stage, however, I ask, am I wrong to expect a bit more than this from AI?

Proof that event planners still have a very important role to play when supporting their speakers

Maybe one day, a speaker will be able to talk for a few minutes to an interface and a wonderful presentation will pop out the other end, but that day isn’t any day soon. Until then, event planners must use their knowledge and experience to support our speakers.

Very often we receive presentations that look terrible. If we don’t add any value, these presentations will be a bad representation of our events and of course will show the speakers in a very bad light! Event Planners must have the confidence (backed up by the ability) to support speakers to deliver better presentations. This support for our speakers has to remain an important part of our role.

William is presenting a session at IBTM in Barcelona on “How to support speakers to make their sessions brilliant” on the 1st December. He won’t be using Zuru.

However, if you want to give it a try, do the following: click here or sign in at and look for the blue “Try Zuru” button.

Published On: November 23rd, 2016 / Categories: Behavioural Change, Technology /