Staying on top of the social media for an event can be like trying to nail a jelly to the wall! And it’s not just finding the time, it is making sure you are using the right platform. The whole point of social media is that you are properly engaging with the community you are building around your event. Choosing the right platform and using it well are the keys to becoming one of the “social Media Superhero EventProfs”

Social Media Superhero Eventprofs

The way we engage with our attendees and POTENTIAL attendees online is evolving more rapidly than ever. Facebook and Twitter will be used by a large majority of events, however, this wasn’t the case up until very recently. So what about other channels? The more visually driven networks (think Snapchat and Instagram) are becoming increasingly popular amongst event professionals, and with photos and videos being among the most shared content on the web, it’s easy to see why these platforms are well worth looking at.

How to choose which social media platform to use for your next event?

This is a BIG question, but not to worry, our friends at Maximillion have created a superhero themed infographic to demonstrate the different ways in which we can market our events using a whole host of social media platforms. I found it very useful especially as we’ve been hired by a client and briefed to use Snapchat (which will be the first time for Gallus Events!)

Staying on top of new social media platforms is crucial and this infographic really helps!


Published On: July 27th, 2016 / Categories: Conferences & Congresses, Events Marketing, Exhibitions /