Will the UK events industry react to the US Republican Candidate’s controversial campaign?

It is very difficult to find the right venue. You have to think about so many things! Price, location, meeting facilities, connectivity, availability, meeting space and now it appears that you have to consider if the owner is a controversial figure and if they are, should you go ahead with that booking?

Following the decision of the Royal and Ancient (those who run golf) to remove Donald Trump’s West of Scotland Turnberry Golf Course from the short list for the 2020 Open it is timely to ponder the reaction of the #eventprofs community.

Event planners should be concerned about the wider effects of their decisions and the impact, closer to home, of aligning with a venue that has “baggage”. Planners have a duty to think if their choice may negatively effect numbers? Could it even lead to a protest at their event? And if they are happy to host an event so closely linked to one individual, especially one so controversial?

The Event Industry isn’t leading so should it follow?

A petition to ban Donald Trump from visiting the UK has passed 500,000 signatories. This week a Member of the Scottish Parliament filed a motion that “urges Scots and visitors to Scotland to consider boycotting the Scottish hotels and golf courses that Trump owns.” He could have of course added “and especially the events industry” as it is we who have the purse strings.

Quoting The Independent, controversial remarks about “Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese and women, among others – have given him a near-pariah status in the global game, raising the risk of a boycott by sponsors and international players” The PGA pulled a tournament from his LA Golf Course over the summer.

The international reaction, and not just from the world of golf, to Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been very consistent.

Donald Trump and the events industry

If the event industry and individual planners should decide to avoid Donald’s Trump’s properties they would be joining a long list of those showing concern and distaste for his remarks.

Donald Trump’s properties in Scotland include:

The Trump International Golf Links hotel in Aberdeen which was constructed despite local opposition and Trump Turnberry in the West of Scotland the course which has been deselected from hosting the 2020 Open.

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