Gallus Events Announce there will be no “Tech Fest 2016”

In the summer of 2012 before London went Olympic mad Gallus Events ran Europe’s first dedicated event for event technology in the Mermaid Theatre on the banks of the Thames. Our objective was to “help place event technology at the front of an organisers mind when they look to improve their events or how they manage their events”. 

Challenges facing events and meeting

While carrying out event consultancy we had noticed that technology was very often far from the top of the list for solutions. We felt that if more planners understood and knew about the latest event technology they would run better events and be better planners: a belief we still firmly hold.

William Thomson, Head Honcho, Gallus Events and the Curator of each of the four Tech Fest Events said: “We want Gallus Events to maintain our position of thought leadership in the industry and being on the cutting edge. There are many events for event technology and now seems like the ideal time to move on to something fresh and new.”

Back during that glorious summer few in the events industry talked about event technology. It was fringe at best for most event organisers. How different it is now! Event technology has a prominent position in the event industry and in the minds of many #EventProfs and we’d like to think we helped.

The UK, and London in particular, is now well served by event technology shows. Event technology is also well represented at our larger industry meetings both in the UK and internationally. We leave #EventProfs and #EventTech in very good hands!

We do feel that there is a need for experienced consultants who are not only aware of Event Technology but understand how to support organisers and organisations to embed that technology. As William has always stated: “Successfully implementing the use of event technology is more about understanding behavioural change than it is about the actual technology. Having run the show for four years we feel that we are in a fantastic position to add value to the event industry by concentrating on our event consultancy” 

Thanks to over 40 event technology companies, over 500 attendees and three great venues who made Tech Fest a very different kind of event.

Tech Fest 2012 – Mermaid Theatre

Tech Fest 2013 – Dexter House

Tech Fest 2014 – ExCeL

Tech Fest 2015 – ExCeL

Hugs and Kisses. Goodbye!

Hugs and Kisses. Goodbye! #StillLoveEventTech

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