In a recent blog post we looked the four most common barriers that #eventprofs see when trying to use #evenettech. In this shorter post we’ve looked at the final three barriers. The list was created by tech savvy event professionals at Tech Fest which took place in London in June 2015.

Three more #eventtech barriers

The issues that planners identified generally fell into one of 3 categories:

  • For whatever reason our event organisers considered one barrier to be that they haven’t thought through how best to increase awareness, usage and value to delegates and organisers pre, during or post event.
  • For attendees there was “suspicion” of downloading apps on personal or work devices. Delegates are naturally wary of downloading Apps. They worry about security and privacy issues. They worry about ‘App creep’ beyond the initial usage and may for example immediately turn off notifications which may be an important feature for the tech within the event.
  • Issues with meeting structure and etiquette. The value of event technology is driven by the ability to engage, inspire and enthuse participants by doing things differently and efficiently. If your presenters and structure of your events don’t flex to embrace technology then the investment value is diminished.

Leslie Robertson from Open Audience who facilitated the session summarised his time with our event professionals and gave his top tips.

“These three final barriers show that choosing the ‘right’ technology and seeing that value is released is a major challenge for many organisers. There is a need for planners to flex the event they are organising to take advantage of the technology, rather than trying to fit technology into a set structure. 

Planners need to “plan for success” They need to think about what ‘kit’ they need and how they communicate around the event tech in advance or on the day. If planners need a Wi-Fi network planners need to ensure that it is capable of supporting the tech or App you have invested in. Planning ahead is key.

My final bit of advice is that Planners shouldn’t be swayed by the myriad of technologies out there. Find a supplier you trust to help guide you towards the right technology and engage with the experts who will be prepared to work with you in partnership to deliver exactly what you need not just what they might have in their sales catalogue. There are many challenges as our event professionals identified and the solutions all involve a partnership approach”

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Published On: October 15th, 2015 / Categories: Behavioural Change, Technology /