“Ready, steady, bake! Your brand new Coffee Morning Kit for 2015 has arrived”

One of the keys to a successful event is making it easy for people to take part. Macmillan have set a fantastic example with their “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” which will form a part of our next event.

Last month we noticed that we were running Assist Travel for Practically Perfect PA – an event for 150 Assistants – in London on the 25th September on the same day as Macmillan’s coffee morning. So we decided that it would be a great idea to support Macmillan’s “World’s Biggest Coffee Morning” Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every event run by an event professional on the 25th September helped to support Macmillan. 


Macmillan is a great charity and no doubt their events team play a major role in the charity’s success: the team have certainly made it so easy to add their coffee morning to our event.

Hosting a coffee morning is a pretty simply idea. Throughout the country 1000s of these little mini events will be run. Last year almost £300,000 was raised in the process and the hope is that more will be raised this year. At Assist Travel we effectively had a coffee morning taking place already so it didn’t seem like too much trouble to turn our welcome refreshments into a Macmillan Coffee Morning.

So we contacted Macmillan and a few days later their brilliant Coffee Morning Kit arrived. It was full of coffee and cake related cards, games, balloons and stencils making it very easy for us to turn our (let’s be honest) normally pretty boring refreshments into something A LOT BIGGER AND BETTER. And we are sure our attendees will take part and enjoy this little addition.

An EventProfs Macmillan Coffee Morning

It’s not too late to contact Macmillan and if you don’t have time to get the pack why not simply print out the logo and start a collection at your event? It would be great to think that #EventProfs were leading the way. A coffee morning is an event after all.

If you are adding a Coffee Morning for Macmillan this Friday let us know and we will happily share your images! We will be tweeting using #CoffeeMorning and #AssistTravel on Friday morning.

Get set, eat!

Published On: September 21st, 2015 / Categories: Conferences & Congresses /