It can surely never have been so easy to attend an event in a foreign land. Be it a festival, conference, exhibition or sporting event the barriers to participating have almost dissolved. Travel Visas (should you even need them) are much easier to secure. The price of flights are as low as they have ever been. Hotels are plentiful. The sharing economy has made it even easier to find and afford transport, travel companions and accommodation. The internationalisation of the World has made a long haul seem but a skip and a jump!

Somehow finding a connection between IBTM World 2015 and the Congress of Panama 1826

I pondered the ease of travel as I took a break from the book I was reading to check flights to IBTM World in Barcelona (formally EIBTM) which takes place during November in Barcelona. Less than £125 for the return trip from Edinburgh including flights and taxis: door to show floor in around four hours. Isn’t it quite remarkable when you think about how easy it is to travel to an event over 1300 miles away?

Attending an important event never used to be this easy. So spare a thought for Congress delegates of old!

In 1826 the Congress of Panama took place as the “Liberator” Simon Bolívar hoped to unite the formal colonies of Spain. As well as the seven Latin American Republics the United States were invited. They sent two delegates: “One died on the way. The second reached the meeting hall only after the three week congress was over”

The Bolivar Monument, Plaza Bolivar - Casco Viejo, Panama City

The Bolivar Monument, Plaza Bolivar – Casco Viejo, Panama City

A Spanish Connection

Thankfully our events are much, much easier to get to. Surviving a business trip isn’t something you actually consider when you are weighing up the decision to attend. However just because an event is easy to get to and you won’t expire on the way doesn’t mean you should go. There should be other drivers. And this leads me back to IBTM World.

At the end of last year I worked with the Meetings Portfolio team at Reed Exhibitions to help them take a fresh look at the educational content across their meetings portfolio. And I was delighted to see that the seven themes that we worked on will form the structure of the Knowledge Programme at IBTM World 2015. And here they are:

1. Connections mean everything
Everything that we do in the meetings and events industry comes down to the connections that we make. ‘Connections mean everything’ is the strap line and ethos for ibtm events and is a theme that can be brought to life through networking and sales to social media, communities and engagement.

2. Inspiration from outside
Thought leaders, economists, high achievers and motivational speakers will inspire you with their outside view from beyond the meetings, events and incentives industry.

3. Leading lights from leading events
International and regional speakers who have organised the biggest and best events globally will share their insights and expertise.

4. Innovative events
Learn different approaches to event planning as we explore the variety of different and successful event formats from secret cinema to festivals organised by non- traditional event organisers.

5. Putting meeting design into practice
Interact and engage with the psychology of events, from meeting formats, setups, venue and space use, along with meeting and learning concepts and the science of objective led learning.

6. Tools for meetings productivity
Equip yourself with the right tools for the job from innovative apps to new technology and learn from our productivity experts and software gurus/

7. Industry engagement
Insightful research and trends will help you shape your growth strategies and keep you informed with what’s going on in the regions and international markets.

As well as this new structure within the Knowledge Programme Reed are planning some other big changes. And I am told that besides the knowledge programme other things will be very different this year. It all looks very exciting.

With the trip being so easy for most I encourage you to head along and take a Sangria for those founding fathers who died just trying to attend a conference.

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