We live in a world of the quick erase. The simple delete. The re-fresh and the re-start. So it is easy to think that this “start over” mentality can work in your event. But as we know with events you only get one shot. Our events are more Polaroid than iPhone.

One take is all it takes – to make the wrong impression

Nowhere is this “one take” more apparent than when using event technology. Whether you use event technology before or during your event it simply has to work first time; it’s the clunk of the Polaroid rather than the click of the iPhone.

During Gianfranco Chicco’s opening session at Tech Fest in London on the 19th June he spoke about the need: “to increase a user’s ability event designers must make the behaviour easier to do” and when we are changing behaviour – as many of us are when we ask our audiences to use technology – we have to do all we can to ensure the event technology works.

When Gianfranco links the change in behaviour to the ease that people can make the change it strikes a cord with planners who integrate event technology into their events. We all know that at an event if you fail first you fail for the duration of the event. The chances of changing behaviours drop when you increase barriers, like failing WiFi; re entering passwords and logins; freezing screens or ugly clunky platforms or all those little niggly things we sometimes see with our event technology.

Poloroid Signing

Delegates using Polaroid badges at Tech Fest 2015

Be inspired by the Polaroid

So as we do at Tech Fest let’s look back at the technology that preceded this “do you want to take this picture again?” approach to technology; to see what inspiration there is for the event planner approach to event technology. Just think. What would we do differently if we really did only get one shot with our event technology?

Let’s shake and then look at that Polaroid. You knew that you only had one chance. To fail first was to fail forever (at $3 a pop you couldn’t afford to give anyone a second chance!) You pointed and pushed the mechanism and an image popped out. And that image was for keeps. And the interesting thing was that we knew this. And we loved it.

To ensure we had the best possible picture:

1. we had a bit of practice with the technology before we used it

2. we properly prepared the person in the picture giving them time to adapt and to get ready for the shot and

3. we prepared the environment removing barriers in front and distractions behind

Importantly we had confidence in the technology because it was both simple to understand and simple to use. The Polaroid made the experience of using technology simple.

So when we next deploy event technology at our events we should think of the Polaroid. Find the tech that is simple to use and simple to understand and follow the three steps above.

Happy snapping. And remember you really only do get one chance.

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