We are passionate about our belief that meetings can be more meaningful and that conferences can be cool again. And through WhoStoleMyAudience? we are trying all we can to spread the message.

We’ve decided that a wider understanding of Meeting Design within Scotland would be an excellent way to give our small country a competitive advantage.

A different approach to how we run our own meetings and how we host others could make a meaningful impact to the Scottish economy. Indeed, conferences really can achieve this! Conferences which include meeting design at their heart can:

– allow every conference to have a positive and meaningful impact on every attendee

– rather than costing organisations conferences can support the development of their business and their employees

– create and support environments where staff are creative and constructive

No more boring meetings Scotland!

I would personally love to see Scotland excelling to the level of the Danes with their “no more boring meetings”. But of course there is very little Gallus Events can do alone. But we can try with increasing the awareness of Who Stole My Audience?

At the end of May we ran a little trial “masterclass” in Edinburgh in the hope we could do something a bit bigger later in the year. It was a dry run I suppose. We tested out some of the content to see if we had the right mix of practical demonstrations of meeting design formats, practical advice when running meeting design and if we had placed the idea of meeting design in context. It was a select attendee list including representatives from University of Edinburgh, Scottish Events and Festival Association, Skills Development Scotland, College Development Network and the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. We also had a few commercial event companies take part. And we think we have the start of something.

Below we’ve posted a link to my notes / script from the event (which I chaired as well as ran a few of the more detailed meeting design sessions) and my slide deck. If you like the look of the content it would be great if you would share as widely as you can. And if you think this is something that you’d like to support we would love to hear from you. And I am sure so would the organisations we have listed below. It would be great if the events industry in Scotland could move together and towards a very new approach to meetings and conferences. No more boring meetings? Let’s make conferences cool again.

William’s notes from WhoStoleMyAudience?

WSMA Change notes – handout

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