What is Play2Lead?

Play2Lead Engage is a self-service web platform for companies to increase engagement, deepen insights and accelerate lead generation for companies.

What does it do?

It changes the way organisers get their attendees to vote at events. There is an increased level of engagement before, during and after live events as audience members earn points, have fun answering questions and get instant rewards without any downloads. The more audience members engage, the more points they earn as they have fun climbing up the leaderboard.

Who’s behind it?

Play2Lead is the brainchild of Theresa Lim (CEO & Co-founder), and came about when she struggled with getting real-time insights on the audiences at the events and webinars she ran as Head of Marketing for ThoughtWorks Asia Pacific. Theresa understood the pain that marketing and pre-sales teams had in accelerating the lead generation process. They designed a platform that would motivate audiences to engage with the content and allow organisers to measure that engagement.

What does it look like?

event tech of the week - play2lead

Take a look at the site or request a demo here.

They are currently beta testing their next product, Play2Lead Connect, a beacon-powered networking with an Australian listed company. The combination of Play2Lead Connect and Play2Lead Engage will then allow for polls, quizzes and content to be geo-contextually relevant.

Why we like it…

There’s usually no way around making voting at events fun, interactive and relevant. Plus you know how we feel about engagement here at Gallus… We like that a content-packed conference can be broken up in such a way while still collecting the information that’s needed. The element of competition is a bonus too. Everybody loves to rise to the challenge and this even allows you to (anonymously) bask in the glory. We imagine it can be easily personalised for each event too. Just another way  to make events more interesting.

Info on this post. We are happy to highlight this event technology however we do not endorse its use; that’s for you to decide. We have not been paid to highlight this software we do so simply because we like it and we hope you do too. If you do use the technology please add your views and reviews.

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