What is Lineapp?

It’s an intercom software designed to improve your team communication by talking to your team members as you would with a walkie-talkie. But much easier, lighter, lower-cost and without internet.

What does it do?

LINEAPP ‘creates a gateway to connect radio technology with the communications of the 21st century’. Basically it’s a smart way to turn your mobile into a walkie talkie for team communication. It takes away the need for conference calls while also simultaneously reducing the event costs as you no longer need to hire radios for entire teams. It works ‘everywhere’ needing only a wifi connection. You don’t need to change what you are used to- just extend it to be even more efficient!

Who’s behind it & how did it get here?

LINEAPP is based in Vienna, Austria. Brought to us by Lukas Steiner, CEO of LINEAPP who got the idea to keep communication simple. Together with Luis Nell, CTO of LINEAPP and a couple of developers they worked hard to found the company in June 2014. They no longer saw the need for heavy, old, expensive radio systems with a poor level of coverage.

What does it look like?

LINEAPP is really easy to operate because of the fact that you have communication visualized. You can easily organise and arrange your own way of communication within your team. Because it’s worked through your mobile, you can actually SEE who you are talking to without the guesswork of traditional radios. This is a solution for a very serious problem of miscommunication, but kept simple.


Watch the demo for yourself and let us know what you think.

Why we like it…

This is a really handy app for team communication without the cost. We imagine it being used for teams within the same venue which we’ve tried. It also sounds ideal for larger team management as it avoids the hire cost of walkie talkies. The free version gives you access for up to 3 users while the full version includes a group talk and one-way listener functions. We’d be keen to hear from anyone that’s tried this nifty easy-to-use app. Let us know what you think!

Info on this post. We are happy to highlight this event technology however we do not endorse its use; that’s for you to decide. We have not been paid to highlight this software we do so simply because we like it and we hope you do too. If you do use the technology please add your views and reviews.

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