What is Lumi Catch?

Lumi Catch is a simple to use Twitter capture, display and analytics tool, making it easy for companies to track and analyse the conversations taking place on Twitter. Using Lumi Catch, anyone can create incredible looking Tweet Walls, Social Widgets and Live Infographics in just a few clicks and then highlight the brand or event ambassadors. It can then provide an Excel download containing all the tweets and the Twitter user information for further analysis and post event marketing.

Who’s behind it?

Lumi, who is well known for providing real-time interaction solutions in the form of event apps and voting systems in the Meetings and Events industry, created Lumi Catch. Many people, however, will not be aware of their significance in Market Research. In the Market Research industry, Lumi provides complex mobile solutions for most of the major players to help them gather real-time feedback from their globally distributed panels as they experience events and complete tasks. On the Market Research platform – Lumi Say – they help collect between 5,000 and 10,000 diary and survey entries every single day.

What does it look like?

Try it for free at www.lumicatch.com or take the tour! Here’s an idea of what to expect…


How did it get here?

The Lumi Labs team are constantly assessing the requirements and technology advances in the Meetings and Events industry and they realised the significant part that Social Media would play in the coming years.

“We spent a good deal of time trying to find a way to capture all the conversations taking place on Twitter and then present them in a tangible data format that could in some way measure the significance of the hashtag – without requiring a significant cost or specialist training. We could not find any solution to fit our requirements, so we built our own platform.

As the platform has grown, so has the understanding of the requirements and expectations in Meetings and Events, so we have dedicated time building out the Visualisation part of the product to provide everyone with fantastic looking Tweet Walls, Widgets and a Live Infographic as standard. We are then hoping that implementing these visuals will help amplify the event and increase the amount of valuable data captured.”

Iain Wallace, Head of Innovation

Why it’s our ETOTW…

All this is done in a self-service, low-cost platform that anyone with a Twitter account can use to gain more insights from events. The aim is to help social newbies understand the importance of working with Twitter and to help social experts grow the reach and appeal of their campaigns.

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