What is Duuzra?

Duuzra is a cloud-based, multi-platform sales engagement and event presentation software solution.

What does it do?

When deployed as an event technology solution, Duuzra enables event organisers to create visually stunning mixed-media digital brochures, viewable on laptops, smartphones and tablets. The software uses a suite of interactive features to encourage engagement, drive data capture and provide valuable audience insight that informs future strategies and delivers true commercial value from your events.

As a sales engagement tool, it allows for all sales collateral to be centrally managed and updated in real time, meaning your sales team always has access to the latest material. Sales pitches can be presented on laptops and tablets, with the presenter having full control over all content delivery.

Presentations can be shared with prospects before, during and after meetings, allowing for an ongoing communication with your prospects.

Who’s behind it?

Owned by parent company Duuzra Software International, with offices spanning the UK, continental Europe, Dubai and the United States. Duuzra Software International began in 2011 as a technology provider in the silent auction fundraising sector, before branching out into the full-service event technology space.

In 2014 the software was launched as a standalone SaaS product, expanding their reach to target the rapidly growing sales engagement market.

How did it get here?

The logistics of running a full-service event – end to end project management, carting hundreds of iPads around the world, deploying a secure wireless network at events etc. – is, while still a core part of what planners do, somewhat tricky. The team at Duuzra felt that licensing their software for agencies and companies alike to create their own digital presentations was an avenue they wanted to explore.

What does it look like?

The future, to be frank.

The control, engagement and insight that our solutions deliver are nothing short of remarkable. Whether full-service, software-only or a mixture of the two, Duuzra can deliver true commercial value at your events, streamline your sales process and deliver valuable audience and customer insights that inform your future training, sales and marketing strategies.

Why it’s our ETOTW…

We have already established that speakers are royalty and that content is key. We think it’s crucial to make sure that presentations don’t lack looks or substance. But just as importantly that they engage the audience. Gone are the days of being spoken ‘at’ and enduring clipart. Well, almost.

Duuzra allows you to send/ share information before, during and after an event. There is nothing better than an empowered attendee armed with information before they even arrive. An app that encourages engagement, information & interactivity? We think it’s definitely worth a try!

Info on this post. We are happy to highlight this event technology however we do not endorse its use; that’s for you to decide. We have not been paid to highlight this software we do so simply because we like it and we hope you do too. If you do use the technology please add your views and reviews.


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