What is InGo?

Think of InGo as a plugin to your registration process. InGo is social-supercharging your event by activating your attendees’ networks. It makes for a seamless, fun, easy and social registration experience. Event Tech of the week: InGo.

What does it do?

InGo is a widget that integrates with registration systems worldwide that offers social sign-on, an enhanced registration experience, pre-population of registration fields, powerful personal invites and a Who’s-In social experience to display contacts and friends attending the event with the ability to invite more and targeted colleagues while posting to your varied networks. All of this is possible from the convenience of the InGo widget wherever you need placed.

Who’s behind it?

InGo is based out of Arlington, VA, next to Washington D.C., and also has a presence in the U.K.  Headed by our fearless CEO, Michael Barnett, InGo is comprised of a tightly knit team of developers and doers. InGo is a nimble team changing how the world finds out about events, through their most powerful asset, their friend’s recommendation and personal invites.

How did it get here?

As a service itself, InGo was developed over the last 1.5 years. Through careful curation of building relationships and enhancing the registration experience, InGo has completed over 200 events globally, growing them in varied industries such as tech, construction, fashion, retail, hospitality, consumer, and industry specific ones.

What does it look like?

At first blush, InGo is a Social Login widget, then further down the registration process it is a social experience widget that displays who’s attending the event, along with your friends and colleagues and with the ability to send targeted personal invites to them. InGo will target socially relevant contacts for you to invite based on the show organiser’s keywords. It’s social, it’s powerful, it’s something that your attendee’s already know and it’s highly customizable to your brand. Check it out here

Why is it Gallus Events Event Tech of the week?

With so many widgets floating around it’s easy to miss a trick by not paying InGo some worthy attention. Instead of leading you down the route of thinking that a website will draw in your attendees, InGo explores other ways to drive interest that aren’t just ‘the usual’. And anything that helps drive attendee engagement and untimely attendance is well worth a look!

Oh and they also just won an award for ‘Best Event Software’ at the 2015 Event Technology Awards.

Info on this post. We are happy to highlight this event technology however we do not endorse its use; that’s for you to decide. We have not been paid to highlight this software we do so simply because we like it and we hope you do too. If you do use the technology please add your views and reviews.


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